Make Your House A Home With Artwork

Welcome to the first blog in my “It’s All In The Detail” series. I’m going to be taking a regular look at the finer points of artwork and framing and exploring how your pictures can really be brought to life – as well as making your home and surroundings come to life.

We take energy and inspiration from what’s around us. Whether we’re walking in the countryside or visiting a new city and enjoying the architecture, what we see builds memories and affects our mood.

It stands to reason, then, that we can really make the rooms in our house inspirational and thought-provoking by hanging artwork that we love in a place where we can truly appreciate it.

According to this article by, artwork is an important part of our décor because;

  • A picture can add depth and warmth to interior design
  • A picture provides an intricate design element to the overall décor
  • A lifeless wall can become dynamic with the right pictures and arrangements; and
  • Pictures can reinforce a formal or casual room design

Bring your artwork to life

Of course, the artwork itself is one thing, but getting a frame that does it justice is quite another. I wonder whether you’ve ever inherited or been gifted a picture or painting which isn’t framed to your taste? If so, and if you’ve gone on to change the frame, the results can be incredible. I’ve seen dusty old oil painting come to life with a more sympathetic frame; beautiful prints pop out with renewed vigour once their frame has been colour matched; and seemingly faded old photos get new energy with a thoughtfully matched frame designed to make them the focus of attention.

In fact, to quote House and Garden, “virtually anything can look good when framed and hung properly.” This article on their website explores how to hang, display and decorate with art.

I particularly love their statement that “the way art is displayed is crucial and transformative.” Having framed literally thousands of pictures, paintings, photos and objects over the years, I can certainly confirm this to be true.

The article also includes some excellent advice on how to hang a picture properly. This is key to getting the best from your picture and also to protect the frame, and that’s why I always attach fixings in the right place to any frame I supply.

Whatever your taste in frames, or your style of décor, adding artwork and pictures into the mix will personalise your room and make it unique to you. Whether you do this with family portraits or works of art which feature your interests and passions, the main thing is to have some fun and create a home which makes you smile as you walk around it.