I offer a quality canvas stretching and framing service, giving your canvasses a stylish and more 'finished' look.

Canvasses are often hung  without a frame, but I think they can look amazing with a simple ‘tray frame, which finishes them off and can hide the edges of the canvas which are often a different colour or maybe a bit worn or ‘tatty’.

Depending on your artwork, I will stretch the canvas over a wooden frame so it is taut and appears at its best. We can then look at the style of the picture and discuss your tastes and preferences to ensure that we find a frame that makes your artwork look its stunning best.

Canvas Framed by Jules Sainter, Buckinghamshire picture framer

Canvas | Drowning Woman

Picture on canvas, entitled ‘Drowning Woman’, by talented young artist, Amy Wilks.

The canvas has been framed using a black tray moulding, with a 1/2cm gap between the canvas and the frame for aesthetic purposes. Generally canvasses are not glazed as the material does not need this protection.

Canvas | Romain Hugault

Canvas of a picture by French artist, Romain Hugault, who specialises in aviation art. Son of an Air Force colonel and a pilot himself since the age of 17, he has illustrated books dealing with aviation subjects. Together with writer Régis Hautière he has made the aviation comics ‘Le Dernier Envol’ (2005).

Canvas framed by framer, Jules Sainter

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